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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A trunk for my bike

I have been looking for a "trunk" for my bike. One that will enable me to carry some food, keeping it cool at the same time. If I could fine one that works I would use it on my trip to England next spring. The problem I've had the past two years is not being able to carry food for more then one day without it spoiling. So I've been looking in any bike store I come across for a "trunk." My friend Mark has been looking also, while we discuss ways to overcome this problem. No luck!

Well, as luck would have it my friend Mark calls me up to go look at a grill at WalMart in the sporting goods department. As I wander about looking for this grill I catch sight of what well could be the answer to my "trunk" problem. There in the fishing section I find a kids fishing pack for six bucks. Now if you've ever priced "trunks" in a bike store you would know that most run $30 and up. I look at it, turn it over, open it up, squish it. Mm get rid of the junk in side, do a little alteration, I just might have a "trunk."

The alteration is figuring out how to attach it to my rear bike rack. Most of the more expensive "trunks" use Velcro, maybe I could also. Back to the bike store I go to study how the big boys do it. Yep, Velcro stitched on to the sides, two strips on each side. By golly I could do that with my sewing machine. Yes! I own a sewing machine, which has not been used in nearly ten years.

I have just spent the last two hours, good therapy, putting the Velcro on my fishing bag, which is now a bike "trunk."

I'm pretty darn proud of myself! I had to learn how to use the sewing machine again, find the right strength thread, then sew the Velcro on, used a little "Goop" to back up the sewing, low and behold my bike is now sporting a "trunk." Life's little victories.