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Friday, April 20, 2018


Much has happened since the last post.  Quick update:

2015: My Daughter Stacey and Grandson Luk met me in England for a fun-filled, whirlwind week.

After my daughter and grandson returned home I then found myself in, for reasons I can not explain, in Nepal

and then in Thailand.

When I returned from my adventure I decided to create a program for students at Coconino Community College which would enable them to go with me on European adventures.

2016: Created a class for Coconino Community College called Tracing the Roots of Psychology in Ireland and England Tour.  Took four Travelers on the tour and had a grand time.

Upon return started a tour company called Carl's Europe Tours, LLC.  My friend Mark created a website which can be found at

2017: Took six Travelers on the tour and again had a wonderful time with them.

After the tour was over I escorted the Mother and Daughter on the right top to Paris.

Soon after they departed from Arizona my Daughter joined me in Paris.

Upon returning home I began work on my 2018 tours.  They are a repeat of the Ireland & England tours and have added an Ireland and Spain tour.  I  have 8 Travelers heading off with me on May 14, 2018, to Ireland and England and 5 Travelers that I'll accompany on the Ireland and Spain tour from May 26th to June 7, 2018.

This is a quick down and dirty, however, there are other events that I'll fill in over time.