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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tax Time

Yep it's tax time again. By the way I do taxes when I'm not teaching Psychology.
Yep been doing taxes since 1975.
Long time ya think?
Once up on a time there was a tax business in Kingman, Arizona owned by me. About this time of year off I'd go on the rounds of my clients homes, have dinner with them, talk about the past year along with hopes and dreams for the coming one, then do their taxes. Sometimes I'd help fix a leaky pipe, or push a car that refused to start. I'd share in their births, deaths, marriages and divorces. I be asked advice on all aspects of their lives. We would laugh and/or cry together, hug bless each other then head off in to the year.
Kind of like an itinerant pastor of old.
My bible, a full life of varied experiences, and the IRS tax code, .
I met wonderful people doing taxes in Kingman.
Now I sit in an office cubicle, clients coming to me. We don't have dinner any more, fix leaky pipes, or push finicky cars, however we still laugh and/or cry. Still share births, deaths, marriages and divorces. Talk of the past year and the hopes and dreams for the coming one. Am still asked advice on all aspects of their lives. Get a few hugs along with a few blessings.
The very best is that I am still meeting wonderful people doing taxes.
I am blessed because I can do taxes!
Imagine that!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Not a great picture, but one that will work for now. View from my Dinning Room Arcadia door. Snow! Lots of Snow.
I've always enjoyed the silence that comes with a heavy snow fall. I walk in the woods behind my house in this brilliant silence. Ever so often the whoosh of the snow falling from the pines break the quiet.
I don't shovel snow. Just don't, just will not. I kick it aside, drive back and forth over it, but shovel? Hell no. Why shovel something that is not going to be there that long anyway? Walk on it until it's flat, good enough for me.
I learned to ski about ten years ago with my friend Mark at Wolfs Creek Pass in Colorado. We would go to Park City every February to Ski. It was in Park City that sledding became something that was fun to do. Now I do it when my grand kids come up for a visit. The last time I wondered why I don't do it. Then I figured out that you needed to have someone to laugh and giggle with when you fall in the snow.
I have driven in snow for most of my life. I have a great respect for what it can do to a road or highway. We have people who by 4 wheel drives and thing they can fly down the road. I have to drive 10 miles of highway to get from my house to town. Constantly amazed at the number of cars on the median, some upside down, or on their sides. No respect for snow. Tish, Tish.
White snow will turn into the greens of spring. Empty lakes will have water again for awhile, empty stream beds will run full force at times flooding surrounding areas. Snow brings money to our town because the ski resort full, motels are full, alias so are the already packed roads.
But for a short time snow brings a clear bright silence. Wonderful stuff snow.