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Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Search of ...

During tax season one of my clients tells me about the National Geographic Genographic project she signed up for She tells me her DNA has been tracked back to the Ice Man Later she come back and drops off a booklet received when signing up. It explains how one can become part of the study by sending in a sample of DNA. The public is encouraged to become part of the study so can become "truly global." Reviewing the web site information is give that this is a study of the migratory history of human species.
Looking into my genetic past was beckoning me. It was quite interesting since I have reason to believe that there is some diversity in my background not talked about. However, there is a cost to this enlightenment which was not in the budget prior to my trip to England. The past would have to wait until my return in June.
My kit arrived about three weeks after ordering it soon after Father's Day. It contained the swabs and test tubes necessary to take a DNA sample which would be used to trace my genetic ancestry. It has been mailed back and it will be a little over a month before any information is posted on the web site which is accessed through my special tracing code. What will it revel? We'll see soon.