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Friday, December 10, 2010

Going to the movies...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tonight I will go to the movie with a woman for the first time since 2004.   The last time I attended a ovie with a woman was seven years ago, not counting the times I’ve gone with my Daughter and her family.  But that is not the same as her husband sat next to her.  However, he does not want to be married any longer so is leaving her.  I listened to his reasons for not wanting to be married to my daughter any longer and tried not to personalize them.  How many times had I heard these words from men or woman who were no longer interested in the dream that they had once had together.  Now they would have separate dreams so live would not pass them by. I though back and could not even remember what words I used to end my marriage in 1987.  I sure some were the same as the ones my son-in-law, after twenty plus years what else can I call him, used.

It took some time for my divorce to happen during my “midlife crisis” and the preverbal younger woman to come along.  In fact there were several preverbal younger women after the divorce along with the red sports car.  The last woman was in 2003 who decided to leave after my first bout with cancer.  She found in more acceptable to be with a drug dealer then someone who could die from cancer at any time.  We went to the movies a lot since she had a younger son who when with us every ware.  Going to the movies is a way for me to leave the real world for at least 90 minutes.  It is a place I don’t have to deal with having to give up a dream of working for H & R Block during my retirement.  Actually, to be clear, I was working for 227 Tax Services Inc. a franchisee of Block.  Now I’m forced to start my own business because my ethic’s no longer allowed me to work for someone who rewarded a bulling drunk.

After seven years of working for H & R Block the stores I worked in were sold to this franchisee  I was told by my old boss to hang in with the new owners and I be rewarded.  Yep there was a reward alright forcing me to start my own business.  My forced you might say?  Because the money I made doing taxes allowed me to go to Europe every year for the last five.  So if I want to return I will need to work at a business where I can earn enough to do so.  I have two partners who will be working with me on this new business who seem to have the same goals I do in terms of building a tax business that does taxes at a reasonable price.  We are creating a tax business that available to client’s year around to help them with any tax problems that may come up.
At a Chamber of Commerce meeting where I talked of this new business a fellow member offered free tickets to the movies.  He gave me the requested three tickets in the Home Depot parking lot where I had gone to purchase supplies to fix my wood stove.  It had decided to start leaking filling the house with eye burning smoke. My brother, who as worked for Home Depot in Texas, would know what to do.  Today I’ll work in the wood stove then will go to the movies for the first time in seven years with a woman. If this is not circular thinking I don’t know what is, but it was fun.