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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here we go again. Welcome to Europe 2009

It seems strange that after three years it does not get easier to buy a ticket to England, but more stressful. This year it took three months to purchase the ticket. However, the wait was well worth it as I ended up with an airfare of $499 round trip. In the past my entrance port to England has been Gatwick. This year it will be Heathrow which should add some new sights to the adventure. The first year it took me about two weeks to buy the ticket with some fear of what will happen. The next year it took longer almost a month to settle in and but the ticket.
It becomes an internal debate on the dates, the cost, the airline until I get tired of listening to my inner self and just buy the dam ticket. Last year was about two months of bickering with my self. There were a couple of nights that I made myself sleep on the couch just to get some sleep. Finally we compromised, the ticket was purchased and all was well. Well, until it's time to leave. Then the bickering starts again about what time to leave for the airport, who's going to get me there, is everything packed that needs to go? Yes, Yes I have everything packed, probably more then I need.
I think back to the first trip reminding myself of how little traveled with me. Then comes all the reminders of how thinks would have been much better if this or that had been taken along. Now there is more stuff then added to what I took the last three times. New things that I need to bring over to my bike. Which brings on worry about it not being there. Is there enough money to get another one? On and On and ON! Please be quiet for a bit, just a bit.
Another new item this year will be my friend Mark accompanying me for the first week of the journey. So I'm excited about Mark going and have been thinking what will be the the most beneficial use of the time allotted. How much can I pack into one week, how can I give him the experiences that have blessed me. Of course I can't and he will have his own experience which may or may not be similar to mine. My friend Gary and I have talked about what it would be like to have someone else on "your" trip. Well of course it would no longer be my trip. It would be a co-joint trip which might bring up some quite new experiences.
We will fly over together, spend a week cycling about then he'll head home and I'll head to France. I have been attempting to learn French with limited success. Took a two day immersion class at the college which gave me a two word vocabulary. The "Learn French and Spanish in Two Days" disks have been listened to for three weeks now. Words can be recognized when seen, however hearing them not so much. Watching movies made in France would help right? it seems understanding comes slowly at this time in my life.
Then there is German...forget about it! This seems really weird since, when a child, it was spoken in our home all the time. There was a time that I could speak it somewhat, but comprehended it much better. Now it seems, sadly. nothing survives. When listening my brain cells strain to find one connection, but none are to be had.
Well that's the start of the 2009 trip to Europe. Come along for the ride and we'll See what turns up this year.