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Friday, May 31, 2019

This in and of itself is no great thing.  However, as I was walking to the loo, I chuckled to myself as I had just left my jacket, hat, and rutsack on the seat.  WOW!  I was thinking back the first few years traveling here when I’d make sure that everything I owned stayed attached to me at all times.  The same thing goes for restaurants,  hostels, and campgrounds.  An aside: the train which left Salisbury and is heading to Waterloo station in London is slowly by surley filling up with passangers.  It is currently 10 am, and one would think by this time there would be less people.  Back to the change in myself in regards to Stuff.

There were times that as I travel, I’d not worry much about some stuff.  Like the year I lost my cellphone within the first couple of days in England.  Oh well, I thought as I contacted the provider and had it shut down.  From that year on, I rarely use my phone depending on my computer and SKYPE.  An aside: some trains in Europe have traveling food carts that are pushed from one end of the train to the other.  Ailes, therefore, must be kept clear.  The fellow who just sat down next to has a humongous suitcase in the aisle, making it imposable for the food cart to get by.  In the past, my bike and I have had encounters with food cards attempting to make its rounds.

I sure most have played with one of those sliding hand puzzles where you move pieces around within a case attempting to solve it.  Well, my bike, I, the food cart, and the food cart attendant at times have been those pieces.  Jocking around in a confined space so he could get by.  Some of the food cart attnedants and I have had a good laugh and others have been a bit sour about our encounter. O.K. back to the theme!  Take my bike that lives over here and for the first five years was left at the train station when I returned home.  It became quite a popular conversation bit as people wanted to know if my bike was at the station when I returned; which it was.  I’d be asked, “What will you do if it’s not there?”  “Buy another.”

I have walked on the Camino de Santiago several times, managing only to lose what I wanted too.  Going from sitting in a restaurant and packing everything with me each time I when to the bathroom has changed to leaving it lying on the table an hoping it will be there upon my return.  Or when I’m going to take a shower with my backpack in tow to leaving it where ever. Of course, if there are places to lock my stuff up I use it but went there aren’t.  I used to make sure my bike was securely locked to some immovable object with a minimum of three locking devices to coming out of a store and finding I had completely forgotten to lock it up.  I find it interesting that practicing letting go of stuff that is misplaced or stolen is much easier when your willing to let go of their supposed importance in your life.

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